Office Coffee Service

Enjoy Barista Quality Coffee Every Day

Quality Office Coffee Service

Many customers are pleasantly surprised to learn that our Office Coffee Service (OCS) is a better value, and eliminates the hassle of purchasing coffee, cups and supplies for the coffee lovers in their workplace.

Our barista-quality coffees include top brands such as Folgers, Starbuck’s, Wolfgang Puck and Kansas City’s hometown coffee roaster, The Roasterie.

Your choice of coffee and all the accompaniments are conveniently delivered as needed, with coffee making equipment included. From simple coffee makers, to high-tech brewing systems and direct-plumb units, it’s all part of the Quality Vending Coffee experience.

Convenient Customized Online Ordering

Our customers enjoy the convenience of the easy online ordering of all their favorite barista-quality coffee & tea blends that invigorate their staff with boosts of energy!

Favorite Coffee Blends

We stock delicious gourmet coffee blends, so you never have to leave the office to get a coffee house experience

Worry Free Equipment

Have peace of mind knowing you've got top-quality equipment serving up your staff's favorite cooffee and tea brands

Always Stocked

Ordering is easy and delivery is fast. We'll take care of making sure you're always stocked with the everyone's go-to options

Take the next step to transforming your break room

The Right Coffee Equipment For Any Space

Office Coffee Service (OCS)

  • Traditional OCS including premium coffeehouse style filter packs, creamer, sugar, sweetener, cups and stir sticks
  • Single cup service options available as well as eco-friendly pod packages
  • Direct-plumbed coffee maker included with most full-service plans
  • Provide a barista-quality coffee house experience to your staff and visitors

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Sego | Fully automatic espresso machine

Your Favorite Aromatic Blends

Quality Vending - Vending Services, Vending Machines, Micro Markets, Office Coffee, Pantry Services. A young woman enjoys a delicious cup of coffee from our Office Coffee Service

Save Time

No need to step out of the office your favorite cup of joe

Energize the Workplace

Bring some much needed pep back into the office

Options for Everyone

The entire staff will enjoy from their pick of well known tasty blends

Improve Productivity

Empower your staff with options that will keep them alert and productive

Retain Valued Staff

Show your staff appreciation by providing them with the best coffee blends on the market

Attract New Talent

Impress potential new talent with an amazing array of mouthwatering coffee and tea options

Bring the coffee shop into the workplace

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