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Quality Vending Micro Markets

Bring the variety and ease of a convenience store to the company break room with the Qmart Break Place micro markets. The on-site concept offers multiple options for self-checkout of food, snacks and beverages, along with microwave ovens for heating.

Each market is unique, as Quality Vending & Coffee’s Qmart Break Place is customized to fit each client’s specific needs. The micro market concept employs state-of-the-art accounting and inventory control systems to manage product levels and employee preferences.

The Qmart Break Place provides employees full access to fresh and healthy food, snack and beverage options, along with all the traditional favorites. Your market can be open 24/7 or during your designated business hours.

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Take the next step to transforming your break room with Quality Micro Markets

The Perfect Micro Markets For Any Space

Benefits of a Qmart Break Place

  • Unlimited product variety
  • Delicious fresh food options
  • Healthy snack and drink options
  • Easily implemented wellness programs
  • Incentive programs to support healthy choices
  • Easy payment options – cash, credit, debit and more card/reward card
  • Touchscreen checkout process
  • No more lost money or product hang-ups
  • Energy-efficient equipment

Shop The Market

Scan Your Items

Pay With Your Card or Phone

Providing Micro Markets to Various Industries


Small Businesses

And much more...

Save Time

No more rushing to pick up lunch during breaks. With our micro market solutions, employees pick from their favorite items and pay using their preferred methods

Energize the Workplace

Put the zing back into the workday! Fuel your employees with our amazing variety of high-quality and fun items. Your favorite snack is always within arms reach

Options for Everyone

The entire staff will enjoy from their pick of well known tasty blends

Improve Productivity

Empower your staff with options that will keep them satisfied and productive

Retain Valued Staff

Show your staff appreciation by providing them with the best coffee blends on the market

Attract New Talent

Impress potential new talent with an amazing array of mouthwatering coffee and tea options

Take Your Break Room to the Next Level with our top-quality micro markets

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