Enhance your break room options.


Quality Vending Micro Markets

Bring the variety and ease of a convenience store to the company break room with the Q Mart Break Place micro market. The on-site concept offers multiple options for self checkout of food, snacks and beverages, along with microwave ovens for heating.

Each market is unique, as Quality Vending & Coffee’s Q Mart Break Place is customized to fit each client’s specific needs. The micro market concept employs state-of-the-art accounting and inventory control systems to manage product levels and employee preferences.

The Q Mart Break Place provides employees full access to fresh and healthy food, snack and beverage options, along with all the traditional favorites. Your market can be open 24/7 or during your designated business hours.

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Benefits of the Q Mart Break Place Micro Market

  • Unlimited product variety
  • Delicious fresh food options
  • Healthy snacks and drinks options
  • Easily implemented wellness programs
  • Incentive programs to support healthy choices
  • Easy payment options – cash, credit, debit  and more card/reward card
  • Touchscreen checkout process
  • No more lost money or product hang-ups
  • Energy-efficient equipment